2014 Smart Fortwo Safety Review And Crash Test Ratings

At The Car Connection we’re frequently striving to get you timely, relevant information about the automobile you are interested in. Our electronic mail updates will notify you each time we have now new information on this car. Mercedes believes in the safety of their U.S. version of the small automotive a lot that they created an entire website about it, called On that site, you could find not solely more technical information about smart automobile safety, but additionally dozens of stories submitted by individuals who survived major accidents in these vehicles and walked away with no injuries.

It has a very low deck, and two ramps that come of the again in order that the entrance wheels of a automobile may be driven up onto it. The procedure is to first connect the automotive dolly to the RV after which move to a place where there is enough room to drive the automobile up behind the car dolly and up onto it. Once the car is on the dolly, a few heavy obligation straps are positioned over the entrance tires to safe the automotive to the dolly.

You write that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ought to be certain a car’s wi-fi system cannot be used to regulate the engine and brakes.” If taken actually, this would mean successfully outlawing autonomous taxis and other promising security applied sciences and purposes, which have the potential to avoid wasting far more lives than the automobile-to-car communications hazard warnings N.H.T.S.A. is presently looking for to mandate.

Now researchers on the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB), are finding out what would be the final in security features, one that’s additionally counter-intuitive: The self-driving automobile that would permit its personal occupants to die if its laptop determines that their quantity would be fewer than the individuals whose lives are threatened in a looming auto accident.

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